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The sneaker situation (The cool factor)

Good morning lovely people!

Adidas(Stan Smith or Supestar)-kind-of-sneakers, they are everywhere. Right?
A few months ago when the trend just started to sparkle I sent a picture of them to my friend saying ''I really like them. Any thoughts?'' and she replied ''I don't get them, they are just white sneakers'', and if you look it that way it's totally true, they are just white sneakers. Then, what do these shoes have, that so many people have them or want them? The cool factor.

I'm sure you might be asking, what is that? Well, I'm sure you have noticed that there are some things/people which just proliferate or glow coolness, some clear examples would be: Cara Delevingne, Robert Downey Jr,  Rihanna, Anna Wintour, Casey Neistat, Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, hats, Beyoncé, black leather jackets, Karl Lagerfeld, Michelle Obama, Tom Ford, suits, boyfriend jeans, Queen Elizabeth, Stella McCartney... It's difficult to explain, but when someone has it you can see it and these kind of sneakers have it, they just make any outfit effortless (we bloggers love this word, don't we...) and cool (how many times have I said cool?).

(Carlyne, your coolness is hitting me)

So now that these shoes are a trend, many brands have came up with their own version, what a shocker. This is great because it allows people with a smaller budget to get practically the same shoes but without the brand printed on it, gotta love the clones. Here you have my selection of the originals and the clones:

The trainers

White shoes
€25 - newlook.com

Topshop white shoes
€30 - topshop.com

Asos shoes
€30 - asos.com

River Island white shoes
€30 - riverisland.com

H&M white shoes
€27 - hm.com

Adidas shoes
€105 - office.co.uk

Adidas shoes
€67 - drjays.com

Adidas shoes
€71 - drjays.com

Lace up shoes
€38 - next.co.uk

Nly Shoes white shoes
€38 - nelly.com

So this is my question for you: Who or what do you think has the cool factor?


Why ''F·r·i·e·n·d·s'' is still the best sitcom in the world

Good morning lovely people!

♫ So no one told you life was gonna be this way (clap, clap, clap, clap, clap)
Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's D.O.A.
It's like you're always stuck in second gear
When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year, but

I'll be there for you 
(When the rain starts to pour) 
I'll be there for you 
(Like I've been there before) 
I'll be there for you 
('Cause you're there for me too) 

Oh, Friends' theme song, it's all about the claps...
I started watching Friends after Anna (from Vivianna Does Makeup) constantly mentioned the series in her videos, because everyone knows that everything she recommends is just great. So I started watching it about a year a go and 6 seasons and 20 episodes later I'm still here wanting to watch the next episode, but scared at the same time because I don't want it to end. Only 3 seasons and 5 episodes to go, agh. I'm sure there's a lot of people reading this who don't know about this series or maybe they have heard about it but don't really know what is it about, so let me break it down a little bit:

What is ''FRIENDS''?
The best series/sitcom in the world.

It's funny, it makes you happy, you'll enjoy every single episode, all the characters are iconic and it also has tons of amazing quotes (that you'll reference all your life) such as:

Plot summary:
Follows the lives of six 20-something friends living in 1990s Manhattan, who are struggling to survive  in the real world.

The characters (situation at the start of the series):

(I'm such a Pro at Photoshop)

Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry): Joey's roommate, works for a large multinational corporation, funny, sarcastic and struggles with an on-and-off smoking addiction.

Monica Geller (Coutney Cox): Ross' sister, Rachel's high school best friend, chef, obsessive-compulsive and competitive nature, hard worker and mother hen of the group.

Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc): Chandler's roommate, food lover, womanizer, sweet and aspiring actor who becomes famous for his role as Dr. Drake Ramorey in the fictional version of ''Days of Our Lives''.

Ross Geller (David Schwimmer): Monica's brother, paleontologist, intelligent, quirky, clumsy and divorced from a woman who is a lesbian.

Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow): Was once homeless, aspiring musician, plays the guitar and sings songs at ''Central Perk'', the caffe, eccentric and has a twin sister.

Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston)Monica's high school best friend, spoiled daughter but warm-hearted, loves fashion, flees from her almost-wedding and starts working at ''Central Perk'' as a waitress.

What should you do right now?
Buy the DVD for the first season or... go to Netflix because it's now available there! I was so excited when they told me, you don't even know. Anyway, go and watch it, you won't be disappointed.

My question for you: What is your favourite series? Tell me in the comments, I would love to know!

Again, thanks Anna for making me discover this series, my life is better now.


Let's talk about gladiator sandals, y'all

Good Morning lovely people!
Today I'm going to talk about Gladiator Sandals or Lace Up Sandals, which are a very big trend this Summer. Let's break it down a little bit:

Brief Description: Traditional gladiator sandals are flat-soled, open-toed shoes that feature multiple straps. The shaft of a gladiator sandal usually extends to above the ankle, and at least part-way up the leg, typically reach mid-calf to just below the knee (by About Style).

Were on the runway of: Alexander McQueen, Isabel Marant, Chloe, Givenchy, Marni, Hermès, Hugo Boss, Dsquared2 and Valentino.

You can see them on: Jessica Alba, Anna Dello Russo, Gisele Bundchen, Jamie Chung, Anja Rubik, Rita Ora and Chiara Ferragni.

My (expensive) picks:

the expensive

Gianvito Rossi black sandals
€1.715 - matchesfashion.com

Valentino black sandals
€1.200 - matchesfashion.com

Nicholas Kirkwood black sandals
€1.155 - barneys.com

Stuart Weitzman leather sandals
€470 - neimanmarcus.com

My (affordable) picks:

The affordable

Topshop leather sandals
€76 - nordstrom.com

Charlotte Russe strappy sandals
€38 - charlotterusse.com

Topshop gladiator sandals
€36 - topshop.com

Leather sandals
€27 - newlook.com

- They are stylish
- They are comfortable
- Huge range of lengths, colours and styles
- You can wear them with casual or dressed up outfits

- Putting them on
- The tall ones are attached to your calves all day

The verdict: Ailuj Thirteen Approved


How I repaired my skin (in two days) from a second-degree burn

Good morning lovely people!

So last Thursday I was sunburned pretty hard...
Story time: Last Thursday I went on a school trip which consisted on walking nearly 50km during two straight days. On the first day (and last day I was there) it was really sunny and there wasn't a lot of shade available, I applied sun cream on all of my body but I concentrated the most on my legs (which didn't get burned and are now white as snow). Later that day when we arrived at the hostel I was a little bit red but as the day went on I transformed into a human tomato (just on my face and arms, other parts were simply white). Then I applied some aftersun to my face, which made me feel as my face was burning, that's why I started to look for any cold thing I could put my face on, it was boiling. I went to sleep and next day when I woke up, I had blisters on my cheeks, nose and forehead; it was a horrible situation, when my teacher saw me she said I had a second-degree burn and I should see a doctor immediately.

How I repaired my skin in two days

1. First thing I did when I saw the situation that was going on in the mirror was to apply the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream on my face, which helped a little to calm down the skin. The skin on my arms was easier to repair as it was just a normal sunburn and only applying a normal body moisturizer (f.e. Kiehl's Creme de Corps) with a few drops of Argan Oil or Rosehip Oil a few times a day, next day were perfectly fine.


2. DRINK A LOT OF WATER!!! I know it sounds really cliché as they always tell you to drink water, but this really worked for me. You have to think that when you are sunburned you lose a lot of water and your body is dehydrated, so if you want the healing process to be quicker you MUST drink a lot of water in order to hydrated your body again. That day I literally drank 4 o 5 liters of water (TMI alert: Went to the toilet so many times I lost count).

3. Avène Thermal Water is the best thing you can spritz to your face for instantly refresh, calm and reduce the redness of your face. I applied it as an intermediate step between my face wash (which has to be one which doesn't agitates or irritates your skin, a great option is Avène Cleanance Gel) and my moisturizer.

4. As I've always had an oily complexion I've always used face creams which are specialized in mattifying my face, but lately my skin has been a little bit dryer so these kind of creams don't work as well as they did before on me, I find them drying. When I sunburned my face it was the perfect occasion to buy a new moisturizer for dryer complexions, so I bought the Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream, which is incredibly hydrating. I'll probably do a review next week, but for now I really like it and I really recommend it for dry skins or if you get sunburned.


5. Later that day I went to my dermatologist and he recommended to apply a lot of cold water on my face, moisturize my skin as much as I can with a thick moisturizer (the one I recommended before works perfectly for this) and then he recommended to products:

  • Zamene (30 mg): These pills help you heal the skin surface from inside and really helps to accelerate the process. He recommended me to take them after meals in different portions, which I think it's different on every person, so if you are in the same situation I was, ask your doctor or dermatologist. I've been taking them for four days now, I'll probably take them for another two days and I'll be totally done.
  • Suniderma (Galderma): This cream is specially designed to be applied directly to only the affected areas and help you with the healing process, reducing the blister's thickness quicker.
I hope these tips help you if you're ever sunburned (which I hope is never your case).
Remember: Always protect your skin from the sun with a good sunblock lotion preferably SPF 50 which you should reapply during the day, keep yourself hydrated drinking a lot of water, avoid long hours exposed to the sun but if you do wear a hat or something similar to protect your face even more, if possible look for the shade ;this should prevent you getting sunburned. 

This is my question for you: Have you ever been sunburned? If the answer is yes, how did it happen? How did you repair your skin?


Managing time, Organizing and ''THE (blog) Schedule''

Good morning lovely people!
I know, I'm the worst blogger in history. It has been absolutely ages since my last post and I would be lying if I said ''I just haven't had the time''. No. It's because I'm the most unorganized and lazy person in the world and I just can't manage my time. Why? Well let's say I'm just a big procrastinator and would rather be watching Netflix for three hours straight than doing actual important work (Raise your hand if you can relate). THIS REALLY NEEDS TO STOP and to achieve that, I've created ''THE (blog) Schedule'' (which could really save my life), because I've found that when I write down schedules to organize my time, I tend to do more stuff. So this is going to be my new blog schedule (All posts will go up at 9 AM/Central European Time):

MONDAY: Mondays will be all about beauty and skincare. I'll tell you all about the newest products I've tried and my opinion on them.

TUESDAY: Tuesdays will be all about the newest fashion trends. I'll tell you all about them and discuss the pros and cons of them and my opinion.

WEDNESDAY: Wednesdays will be all about lifestyle stuff. It could be about anything really, I'll talk about a various range of things that can help you or interest you in your everyday life.

THURSDAY: Thursdays will be strictly fashion. Anything related with fashion.

FRIDAY: Fridays will be all about fitness and health. It could be about my new favorite recipe or about my new favorite workout, even about my new fitness gear.

SATURDAY: Saturdays will be random days, where I'll post about anything I want. You'll be surprised.

SUNDAY: Sundays will be a day to look back on the week and debate on any subjects I find important.

Let's see how many weeks I can keep up with this schedule, I accept bets.